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Advancing technology and fast life have made children as young as two years old to remain constantly glued on their screens. This means that they no longer spend time playing, exercising and developing high order thinking skills.

There have been increased cases of childhood obesity and other conditions such as diabetes and stress that are associated with lack of sufficient movement. Researchers also tie several reports of maladjusted behaviors and juvenile delinquency to lack of social skills that are often developed when children engage in sports and games.

Minding your children’s health

This site delves into issues around children’s health and how parents and guardians can bring up healthy children in a world dominated by the latest tech gadgets.

The website talks about different games that children can engage in even during extreme weather such as rain and snow. Many parents often imagine that when the weather is awful, the best thing that children can do is cuddle up in sofas and watch television. Here, you will find a list of activities and games to spice up that rainy day and how you can let your child’s creative juices flow even when they are indoors.

It also gives suggestions on fun outdoor activities that children and grown ups can engage in together. The list exhausts what both grown children and those who are still young can do. Some of the games on the list can be done under minimal supervision and can involve a group of children drawn from across different age groups.

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There is also a list of healthy recipes of foods you can prepare for your children. Some of the foods are easy to whip up and you can involve your child in preparation.

The website explores other unconventional means to engage the minds of children such as the use of meditation . For parents who do not want to medicate children when they show signs of stress, the site highlights different ways in which meditation can be used to manage health conditions and improve the general health of young people.

There are many sites that have attempted to explain the benefits and disadvantages of buying iPhones/iPads for children, and the effect it has on their development. Here, you will learn what to do and precautions to take before buying your child the gadgets. It explains in great details the kind of discussions you should always have with your child before getting them a gadget that can trigger addiction.