Fun indoor games for children on rainy days

You should never allow a rainy day to ruin moments of fun and games you had planned for your family and children. You can still enjoy your time indoors by engaging in activities in the confines of your house. Some of the many games your children can play on a rainy day are as follows.

Skipping Rope

If you have extra room or space, you can allow your children to skip and get their daily dose of exercise. Skipping ropes are a cheap and fun way to keep children active. If you have more than one child, they can have skipping rope contests and compete against each other.

Card Games

Never underestimate the value of card games in developing the intellect of children. Children who grew up playing poker have been found to be having better problem-solving skills. Teaching children to play poker using real money (pennies) is great to help them with their Maths skills. Card games also make children develop analytic minds that question what they are presented with.


Rains should never stop you and your children moving to the rhythm of the music. Allow your children to dance to music and sing along to their favorite musicians. You can even help them make a playlist of songs they can never stop dancing to. Record videos of them dancing for memories sake. You can also allow them to try out different types of specialized dances such as tap dancing, tango and samba. You never know, maybe the hobby you are cultivating for your child could land them in the list of famous who are recognized globally.

Hide and Seek

For parents with more than one child, hide and seek can make those rainy days bearable. If the children are a bit older, you can have them try the game in the dark. Just make sure there is nothing loose, wet or slippery on the floor.

Treasure Hunt

This is a great way to successfully engage your child physically and mentally. You can hide a few treasures and have your children seek them all over the house. Treasure hunt may need you to stay up late and hide things all over your house while the children are asleep. At the end of the day, they could have a lot of fun seeking the treasures. You can spice things up by telling them they get to keep whatever they find.

Puzzles and Quizzes

Make learning fun by creating games activities they enjoy. If you are trying to get them interested in

financial literacy, create questions on the subject of finance and have them respond. This, of course, should be done depending on the age of the child and their level of understanding. You can also do puzzles and board games such as scrabble if your children are older.