Benefits of meditation for children

Our brains and perspective of the world is shaped a lot by our early years of life. That is why psychologists suggest that children should grow up in stress free environments where they can nurture their creative and critical thinking. Meditation is one of the tools children can use to embrace their inner calmness. Some of the benefits of meditation for children include:

Reduces stress

Children also have their fair share of stress and depression. From their constant desire to fit in, pressures from their peers at home, difficult circumstances at home, and other things that have been found to push children as young as five years old to commit suicide. Meditation teaches children to get in touch with their inner self and not focus on the issues causing them stress.

Improves social behavior

Some children develop socially awkward behaviours such as anxiety, extreme shyness, and fear that can be managed through meditation. Essentially, meditation teaches the mind to contemplate and reflect. This helps children think about the things that torment and worry them, and how they can deal with them.

It is a positive way of spending time

In an age where children and teenagers are always engrossed in their gadgets and destructive behaviours, getting children interested in activities such as meditation is a step in the right direction. If you can get your child off the screen even for one hour and have them meditating, then you are preparing them for a greater future.

Manages attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Researchers have found that children with ADHD and low concentration show improvement when exposed to meditation. Meditation controls and engages the mind, teaching young people how to focus and shift attention to things that matter. A meditation instructor can help children embrace the value of sitting still and using their minds to understand the world.

It is a way of bonding

If you have been looking for ways you can bond with your children and develop a lasting tradition with them, you should try meditation. Right from the start, when you are buying meditation mats, to when you will be going for the meditation activities, you will be creating indelible memories. Your children will grow up and immortalize the tradition of going for meditation with you. You can even create some activities to do after meditation such as visiting museums, parks, or even going for a scoop of ice cream.

Improves their grades

Children who are struggling with their grades or those who are finding difficulties in certain subjects can benefit from meditation. This is because meditation enhances focus which is needed to pass examinations and develop interest in a subject. Meditation also improves children’s self esteem by reinforcing the idea that they are adequate and do not need anyone’s validation.