7 Healthy Kid Friendly Meal and Snack Ideas

When you become a parent, you want the best for your child. You want them to be safe, healthy, and happy. Are you interested in creating a healthier menu for your child? These 7 healthy kid recipes will get you started.

1. Granola Bars

Kids love to snack, and granola bars are a healthy snack that will keep them full longer than chips and a variety of other snacks. You can add a unique twist to granola bars by adding fruit on top of it making a healthy dipping sauce. Kids can take these treats for their lunch and have them for a snack when they get home from school.

2. Healthy Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is an all-time kid favorite. You can easily add nutritional value to your kid’s meals by avoiding boxed meals. Boxed meals contain a lot of additives, dyes, and sugars your children don’t need and there is not as much nutritional value as there are with homemade meals. Use real cheese instead of the plastics wrapped cheese. Use fresh ingredients such as eggs, milk, and cream.

3. Vegetarian Tacos

If you prefer your children not eat meat, black beans, peppers, and seasonings make a tasty dinner. You can add rice to help with satiety. The bell peppers add color to the meal, which is good for kids. Depending on the texture of food your kids prefer, you can use hard or soft shell tacos or both.

4. Pizza

Pizza is the perfect meal for picky eaters. You can add the toppings of your choice or let your little ones make their own pizza. Use fresh ingredients such as cheese, olives, dough, and any other ingredients you may want to use.

5. Healthy Spaghetti

Spaghetti is a great meal for picky eaters. You can use fresh cheese and grate it over the spaghetti You can add basil for a touch of color. Use enough spaghetti sauce to cover the amount of noodles you make without being exclusive and wasting sauce.

6. Naturally Flavored Water

Water and naturally flavored water are the best beverages for your child to drink. When your children are thirsty, always offer them water first. Water is known as the universal solvent because it helps flush toxins out of your body. Naturally flavored water is another good beverage option for kids. You can put their favorite fruit in their water and the water assumes the flavor of the fruit you use.

7. Smoothies

Did you know certain smoothies, such as natural vegetable and fruit, are healthy? Avoid pre-prepared smoothies because they are loaded with sugars and additives. You can mix a variety of flavors to experiment with and see which flavors your children enjoy.