Fun games to get kids moving

The importance of keeping children on the move and active can never be understated. There are many benefits, ranging from improved physical and mental health, development of social behavior and improved coordination. Most parents always search for games they can interest their kids. Some of the suggestions that can work include:

Riding bikes

This can start as soon as your child can ride a bicycle. The process of teaching them how to ride, and watching them cycle away in glee can fill parents with immense pride. Riding bicycles is a fun way of keeping children active and helping them familiarize with their environment. You can join them in the bike riding and create beautiful memories together.


You can inject some fun in your children’s games by introducing racing into their games. Children love competition and you can have them invite their friends and compete for a small prize. Some of the races they can engage in include athletics, one legged hops, and any activity that will get them moving.


It is important for your child to know how to swim, as the skills can save them during flooding and other disasters that involve water. Swimming is also a fun way to get kids moving. It allows for the exercise of several muscles in the body, and can be beneficial to kids with skeletal problems.


A fun way to keep your children on their feet is by introducing a hunting game where they go out to seek for hidden treasures or for specific things in the area. It can even be a unique leaf, stone or something that they will have to work hard towards finding.


Have your child suggest one meal they would love to make. Of course you will have to be present to help them with ingredients and helping with the oven, but the mixing and carrying of ingredients will surely have them on their feet and off their computers and phones.


You do not have to register for a dance class. Just crank up the volume of your child’s favorite music and watch them sway in rhythm. It can be a singing game, Christmas carol or nursery rhyme. You can use the dance sessions to introduce your child to different types of music or rhythms they can dance to. The good thing about dancing for fun is that it does not have to be coordinated.


Let your child enjoy what nature provides by taking them for fun hiking or rock climbing. This is fun for slightly older kids who are adventurous and not afraid of doing things out of their comfort. You can invite family members and friends to join in the adventures.