What to do before getting children iphones/ipads

There have been several debates on whether children should be allowed to own iPhone s/iPads. There are people who argue that children should be allowed these gadgets as a way to distract them especially if their parents are busy.

Others also say that children with iPhone s and iPads can explore different worlds and learn a lot by simply pressing a button. Then there are those who believe children having iPhones ruin their childhood and get exposed to things they are not ready for. One thing that is for sure is that children who have iPhones or iPads should always be monitored to ensure they do not land on the wrong sites. Some of the tips to ensure your child is secure while using gadgets include:

Direct them to a different area if possible

Before you resort to buying an iPhone or iPad for your child, try to interest them in something different. Encourage them to try out a sport, make them experiment with different musical instruments and hobbies such as reading. If you interest them in different things when they are still young, they will not be obsessed with the gadgets when they get older.

You should also reinforce the idea that just because their peers have gadgets, they do not necessarily have to get one. Try to stretch the waiting time before they get gadgets longer so that they are older by the time they are possessing their first phones.

Have a serious conversation with them about their security

Before giving the children gadgets, make sure they know the consequences of misusing them. Talk to them and make them understand that misusing the gadgets can put their lives at risk and expose them to harm. Make them know that they can always tell you if they notice something out of the ordinary happening in their gadget. Both iPhones and iPads have security features that you can enable to improve your child’s safety both online and offline.

Monitor their activities

This is especially important if your children are very young. Make random checks on the sites they are visiting; screentime with games like overwatch need to be monitored to ensure your child is not slipping into addiction. If possible, install apps on the gadgets that alert you when they visit a site they are not supposed to. You should also ensure they are not into secret social media sites or other fishy sites where they are likely to fall in the hands of pedophiles and abductors.

Set rules and consequences

Your child should know that as much as they are allowed gadgets, they are also expected to follow some rules. You should also set timelines on when they are allowed to have the gadgets and when they should put them down.

The fewer hours you allow them, the better for them as research has shown that children who spend most of their time on gadgets are likely to develop health conditions such as obesity and low intellect. Make them know that if they break the set rules you will withdraw gadget privileges.